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See which is the most beautiful gray by Suvinil for 2023


Photo: Suvinil range of colors

Find  out which is the most beautiful gray by Suvinil to paint your house or apartment!

Normally, Suvinil's most used and well-known gray is the famous Papel Picado, but of course, this shade is just one of the many existing gray colors in the paint dyeing table.

Suvinil has a multitude of gray colors, which can vary from ice white, medium gray, dark gray, lead gray, etc. However, there are other colors that Suvinil makes available in the ready-made color table and also shades that are made when buying the paint, by the tintometric color dyeing system.

However, knowing which shade of gray is most used in painting modern environments can make it difficult when planning to paint rooms.

So, to help you choose shades of gray for decorating your home or apartment, I'll talk about the colors that will be trends in 2023 later on!

Before continuing...

I would like to clear up a question for the reader: Rarely will a painter understand decoration as much as interior design, but likewise, it is unlikely that a decorator will understand paint as much as a painting professional.

That is, there will always be divergences in the point of view of each of these professionals, related to what is meant by beauty in painting, even more so when it comes to neutral colors!

Once, while participating in an interior painting project, the decorator had some conflicts with him to choose the best gray color for the environment.

The same was undecided about what would be the best gray color for the decoration of a room, which would be the highlight wall of the apartment. 

Among her doubts were the colors: Egyptian cotton, dawn and Suvinil's mantra.

Faced with this dilemma, he asked me what I thought of his choice? Politely, he replies: I think there are so many neutral gray options that these three of your choice are lost in the immensity! 

For example, I can mention the thousands of gray colors and their shade variants, all day long. However, I will mention only the most used in painting, according to my experience in the segment. Are they:

  • medium gray
  • Light gray
  • Dark gray
  • asphalt gray
  • Patative
  • Ar Puro
  • Moonlight
  • Honesty
  • Asteroid
  • gravel truck
  • Shooting star
  • Steam 
  • Pure Crystal
  • besmuth nugget
  • Reco-reco (It's not the reboleixom!)
  • Fog
  • Hail
  • dry winter
  • Sheep
  • Cold foam
  • Gray
  • urban gray
  • White gold
  • Chronic
  • Silver
  • Aged Silver
  • goose feather
  • Marble
  • Tiramisu
  • andiroba
  • Seashell
  • Nickel
  • cockatiel
  • Grey city
  • Elephant
  • elephant suv
  • urban gray
  • nanjing
  • Titanium.

In fact, the most used gray colors in decorating environments are currently neutral ones, so I will give you another example below:

Photo: Suvinil Gray Colors

In the image above, you can see the following colors in gray tone:

  • cockatiel
  • Grey city
  • Chromium
  • Elephant
  • urban gray
  • Aged Silver.

Of course, there are many other color options that I could have mentioned, however, when it comes to Suvinil's neutral colors, no one disagrees on this issue, the shades are almost infinite...

After all, everyone who understands paint knows that Suvinil has the best gray color options for decoration!

To check Suvinil's neutral colors in gray tones, visit the website:

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