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I'm more Suvinil: why I chose to paint with this paint

Photo: Suvinil and Pintar o Bem!

First of all, I would like to clarify: This article is just my opinion, expressly based on my experience in 2020.

And now, three years later... I decided to talk about the difficulties faced in 2020, and there will never be words to describe the profound abandonment I felt from the paint manufacturing industry!

And also talk about my choice of paint brand and, above all, the reasons that made me choose Suvinil as my favorite brand for my painting work. 

Of course, I know that there are many paint brands in the Brazilian market today, however, I will not mention names or talk about them.

Do you want to know why I am more Suvinyl? 

To find out why I'm more Suvinil, keep reading and further on I'll explain the reasons and why I decided to use only Suvinil paints in all my painting work.

One of the reasons that made me choose Suvinil paints is simply because they have quality and high covering power. Another reason that caught my attention a lot is Suvinil's commitment to NGOs and to the category of painters in our country.

Suvinil and Paint Good!

Maybe you don't know, but Suvinil was the only paint manufacturer brand to help painters / painters in the pandemic period (COVID-19). 

If you don't believe what I say, then believe history, because it doesn't lie! History leaves no doubt as to which paint brand helped painters in Brazil.

See the article:,pintar-o-bem

See the magazine:

In fact, it was in the period: April 2020 - December 2020, the initiative program by CIEDS and Suvinil, in a strategic partnership with Banco Afro, which supported painters in Brazil during a pandemic. 

Just to remind you, the site was and in addition to quality information and guidance, it also offered painters the possibility of supplementary financial support so that they could keep themselves better and healthy.

That is, Pintar o Bem was, in fact, a collective action that invited everyone to unite for the health and well-being of painters in our Brazil and many people could support it by also making donations.

In fact, Suvinil supported male and female painters in Brazil, however, I didn't see other paint manufacturers helping our category!

Therefore, I am more Suvinyl. The other brands may even be good and have quality, but they lack social commitment with the painter class.

Color Catalog and Suvinil Simulator

Now, that you know why I am more Suvinil, I present here on the blog, the Simulator and Color Catalog for painting with Suvinil paints.

Digital color catalog:

Suvinil Color Simulator:

In addition to Suvinil's color catalog, you can also check out ready-made wall colors, such as the more classic wall colors, which are produced at Suvinil's factory.

Colors Ready Wall:

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