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Find out how much a 3.6 liter Suvinil can of paint yields

Saiba quanto rende uma lata de tinta de 3,6 Litros Suvinil. Veja mais detalhes sobre Tinta Suvinil Rende & Cobre Muito!
Yield & Copper Very Suvinil

This article is based on technical information from paint experts and paint manufacturers.

Therefore, if you want to know the yield of a 3.6 liter can of paint or how many square meters Suvinil paints, keep reading...

Questions that will be answered:

  • 3 liters of paint paints how many walls?
  • 3 6 liters of paint paint how many square meters?
  • How many square meters can a 3.6 liter enamel paint can paint?
  • Yield Suvinil Paint 3 6 liters?
  • Yield Suvinil Paint 3 6 liters?
  • How many meters does a 3 6 liter Suvinil can of paint yield?
  • How much does a 3 6 liter Suvinyl paint can yield?

Well then! To find out how much a 3.6 liter Suvinil can of paint yields, first, it is necessary to understand what type of surface will be painted with it and its line, category and finish.

How many liters of Suvinil paint per m2?

To calculate how many square meters to paint a 3.6L Suvinil paint can, just read the example below.

For example, Suvinil paint, being acrylic latex from the Rende & Cobre Much line, with a matte finish and Standard category, in the amount of 3.6 liters and in white color, mixing it with water gives a good performance in painting, painting up to 100 square meters of walls per coat applied.

Calculating the square footage of the result of the paint applied to the wall is easy knowing that a 3.6L paint can produces up to 100 square meters of painted surface, in this case, it helps to calculate how much a 3.6 liter matte Suvinil paint can produce.

Formula: 100m2÷3.6L=27.77

R: 27.77x3.6=100m2 (Three and a half liters of matte Suvinil paint paints 100 square meters of surface).

Approximately 27.77 square meters of space can be painted with one liter of paint, that's the formula.

After opening a 3.6 liter can of paint, the amount can be easily calculated.

Yield and drying time of Suvinil 3.6L paint

If your question is to find out: how many meters does a 3 6 can of Suvinil paint yield?

Suvinil Rende & Cobre Much paint can be used to repaint walls, spackling and acrylic putty, plaster or drywall, and is mixed at 50% in potable water. It can cover up to 100 square meters per coat, requiring two to three coats at four hour intervals. Such paint dries quickly - in an hour for the first coat, up to four for the second, and up to 12 for the third.

Before applying Suvinil Rende & Copper Much to plaster, 3D boards, drywall or cardboard, it must be sealed. An appropriate wall primer should be used first to prepare the surface before applying paint. Alternatively, an acrylic sealer or wall primer can be used.

For more information about Suvinil Rende and Copper Much paint or to download a technical bulletin for Suvinil Rende and Copper paint, visit:

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