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Renew with Them: Coral Women in Color (Brazil)

Photo reproduction: Renovate com Elas | Credits: Coral and VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda.

Who said that: “Work is a man's place” and “Women can't handle painting”?  

It seems like a lie, but in the middle of the 21st century, one still hears phrases like this one: “Work is a man's place” and “Women can't handle painting”?

However, it is not now that sexist phrases like the one quoted above try to reduce women's space.

Since the dawn of humanity, there is a concept that influences society that only men are qualified to work on construction sites. And if, in fact, society followed this erroneous concept that work is a man's place and not a woman's place, we would rarely find women working in various sectors, including painting or doing repairs.

Photo reproduction: Renovate com Elas | Credits: Coral and VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda.

But the world is evolving, either through social inclusion or equal rights for women, so, it can be said, that things have changed for them, because the new achievements also brought them new job opportunities.

And, as a consequence of this achievement (for equal rights at work), today, they also arrived in the field of painting and are ready to color the world and show the old-fashioned society that a woman's place is also in the work or wherever they want!

Get to know Renovate com Elas: Coral Mulheres na Cor!

Photo reproduction: Renovate com Elas | Credits: Coral and VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda.

(Go to the website:  and hire a painter from the Coral Renove com Elas project!)

Coral Women na Cor is a project created by AkzoNobel, in partnership with the agency VMLY&R, which encourages women and defends that a woman's place is wherever she wants and that works, whether painting or repairs, are also spaces for women.

Photo reproduction: Coral Women in Color | Credits: Coral and VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda.

The Coral Mulheres na Cor project has already transformed the lives of many women in Brazil, training them as professional painters and giving them a new profession and a new space.

Photo reproduction: Coral Women in Color | Credits: Coral and VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda.

To overcome this reality and motivate women in Brazil and around the world, the video below tells the stories of some women who live in the Jardim Colombo community, Paraisopólis complex, they are part of the Coral qualification program (Coral Mulheres na Cor), which provides equality in painting and more opportunities in the job market.

The video above presents a reality faced, where women are faced with the macho phrase: “Work is a man's place” and “Women can't handle painting”. However, the students formed by the first group of the Coral program (Renove com Elas and Coral Mulheres na Cor) argue that their place is wherever they want. 

That is, the film-play above demonstrates the challenges faced by them to conquer their spaces and objectives, in addition, it highlights how the project (Coral Mulheres na Cor) transformed the reality of these and other women in Brazil, forming them as professional painters to work in the job market.

Photo reproduction: Coral Women in Color and Renew with Them. | Credits: Coral and VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda.

The initiative came from AkzoNobel to create the project, but it also relied on partners such as Senai to provide women with a qualification course in work painting that lasts over 200 hours, ranging from special effects at the Academy Coral, Scholarship, transportation, food, uniform, manual and electric tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), among others.


Agency: VMLY&R Brasil Propaganda Ltda
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Title: Women in Color
Duration: 2'
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Production date: October / 2022.

Source: CC - Creation Club

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