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Air Less: Paint gun or paint compressor, which is better and the difference between the two?

One of the aspects that most troubles painters is to know: Paint gun or paint  compressor, which is better and the difference between the two?

Well, if you are in doubt about painting compressors or spray guns, in that case, keep reading...

Reading summary:

  1. Spray gun
  2. paint compressor
  3. Airless.


Photo: Paint gun

Certainly, the spray gun is nothing new for automotive painters who work daily with tools of this type.

In other words, the spray gun is an exceptionally valuable instrument that can supplant brushes and rollers and speed up the process involved in painting doors, windows and other hardware. It causes the paint to have a fly/dust design, that is, it waters paints.

What is a spray gun? 

The spray gun, also known as  the Splash, is an instrument that allows for spray-type painting, which is a painting strategy in which it sprays a coating (spraying paint on the walls, without smudging, and so on) through the air onto a surface. . 

The most widely recognized structures use a compressed gas (usually air) to atomize and coordinate the ink particles to the surface.


Photo: Paint Compressor

Commonly known by the name paint compressor, modern air blower is a very normal thing in painting companies and common development. The gear class that uses it to function is called pneumatic. Clearly, the modern blower is more remarkable and larger than the one used for homemade artwork, but its activity is comparable. There are two types of blowers, dynamic and volumetric. 

They work in unexpected ways, but they are essential to how the spray gun works.

What is paint compressor?

Paint compressor or air blower is an extremely flexible instrument, and its strategy is like painting with graphite. Consequently, it is utilized from small local requests to proficient administrations. Its activity takes place through mechanical developments that produce compressed air.


Photo: AirLess

It is a paint bath technique, initially performed in the 60s, to meet new composition processes in civil construction, whose part is atomized impeccably, without the need for air. 

What is airless painting?

AirLess equipment, also known as an electric airless tool, creates high voltage (500 to 3,000 psi) causing the item to pass through a small, exact diffuser opening at the outlet of a spray gun called a showerhead.
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