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Electrostatic painting: what it is and how to make this type of coating with metallic paint

Photo: Painter painting | Source: Google Images.

This type of coating is nothing new among painters and specialists. However, maybe you still haven't heard about electrostatic painting or what it is and how to make this type of coating with paint for metallic surfaces?

Electrostatic painting is one of the safest types of coating available for environments that conduct electricity. That is, this painting uses a separate cycle through electrical charges to fix the paint on metallic objects, aluminum and iron to create a type of insulation as if it were rubber. 

Generally this paint is more applied on metallic surfaces, however, it can be used on any electrically charged material or energy conductors.

What is electrostatic painting?

Photo: Electrostatic painting

As the name suggests, this is a method designed to be used on surfaces made of electrically charged materials. Thus, this type of painting is usually applied to metallic surfaces, for example, steel doors and aluminum profiles.

How it works?

Photo: Electrostatic painting on iron

Electrostatic painting is applied to the metal surface using a paint gun, which stores the powder paint inside. Before being splashed on the surface, the paint is charged with electrical particles, unlike what exists in the controlled material. See how it all unfolds below:
  1. The spray gun (airless) is charged with powder paint and then starts the first stage of electrostatics;
  2. Next, the ink receives electrical particles before being released onto the metallic surface;
  3. From then on, the ink spreads and is deposited over the entire metal surface in an electrified way until it creates a static layer;
  4. Finally, the treated material is taken to a small place, which is called a heated oven, which does the part of drying the paint and actually seeing the finish as expected.
Despite being a fairly simple strategy to carry out in theory, in practice it can only be elaborated by a specialist in electrostatic painting, as this is an important step to guarantee the best results and also to ensure the well-being of people.

Advantages of electrostatic powder coating

Photo: Powder painting

Electrostatic painting is one of the most effective paints available on the market and, because of its many benefits, it is also one of the most used in the electrical industry.

Find below some of the verified advantages for electrostatic painting:

  • High resistance: Electrostatic painting is safer than traditional painting. The technique with electrostatic painting guarantees protection against opposition from sea air, rust, stains, layers of bubbles, and openness to climatic impacts, such as the frequency of the sun, wind and water. What's more, most of the time, it is also immune to the suffered effects that, under different circumstances, would cause scratches and disappointments.
  • Differentiated finish: The electrostatic paint finish is the most ideal for metallic surfaces. The surface has fewer spots and air bubbles after application and, moreover, it does not suffer from the harmful effects of dripping, which obstruct the feel of the object.
  • Reasonability: Electrostatic paint can reach hard-to-reach areas, as it is truly adaptable to environments. This electrostatic element makes the service run faster, with less misuse of material, bringing an incredible proportion of money savings to the venture.
  • Health and Wellness: As we have seen, electrostatic painting does not use dissolvables to disintegrate the paint. In this way, there is no specialized contact with chemical solvents and there is no chance of this material harming the climate, people's health and nature. In this way, electrostatic painting uses a manageable and safe strategy for painting metallic surfaces.

Despite all these registered advantages, painting with electrostatic paint still has more benefits:

  • It is usually applied to different surfaces: metal, iron or any other that has an electrical charge;
  • It is intense and quick to apply;
  • It has a fire protection and generally does not harm the environment;
  • It is more efficient than traditional paints;
  • It has fast drying and greater coverage;
  • It requires little or practically zero maintenance.
Finally, it is worth noting that electrostatic painting should only be done by a specialist painter or company in the field. Never try to do this type of painting on your own, as there are some procedures that only a specialist is capable of performing and there are also personal protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of people and work.

To conclude, this article is open to praise, criticism and opinions in the comments below ok!

For today, that was the content about electrostatic painting. I'm waiting for you in the next article... See you soon!
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