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Wall painting: Price list per square meter 2023 (Brazil)

Photo: Painter painting walls | Source: Google Images.

If you need more information about wall painting prices per square meter 2023, then welcome to the right place!

First of all, it is worth remembering that this short article only presents two (2) tables containing an average price for wall painting services per m2. 

That said, without further ado, let's get down to business!  


Average price for applying two (02) coats of pva and acrylic latex paint on walls and masonry up to three (3) meters high.
Product Finishing Price
acrylic latex Economic Matte R$ 11,30
acrylic latex Standard Matte R$ 12,40
acrylic latex premium matte R$ 18,00
acrylic latex premium satin R$ 19,50
acrylic latex premium semi-gloss R$ 21,50
acrylic latex Premium Eggshell R$ 19,50
PVA latex
Premium Velvety R$ 14,90
acrylic latex Super Premium
R$ 25,50


Average prices for applying one (01) coat of complements and specific paintings on walls and masonry up to three (3) meters high.
Super Calfrosted limeR$ 8,60
acrylic backgroundmatte or glossyR$ 7,30
acrylic sealerpremium matteR$ 7,30
acrylic varnishmatte or glossyR$ 8,70
liquid glossmatte or glossyR$ 8,70
acrylic puttymatte whiteR$ 18,25
putty PVA
matte whiteR$ 12,90
acrylic texturematte rustic$19.80

(*)This content used data from the source: Table of Painting 2022 from Abrapp - Brazilian Association of Professional Painters.

(**)For more information about Abrapp, visit the website:

(***)To download the 2022 painting table per square meter in PDF from Abrapp, click on the link:  (Note: This is a link from Google Drive sharing through Abrapp so painters can download the 2022 table.)

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