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Home Painter: Wall painting service prices!


Photo: Painter of buildings

If you want to know how much a fixed wall painter costs per m2, keep reading...

Home Painter: Wall painting service prices!

real estate painterR$ 150,00R$ 12,00
house painterR$ 100R$ 8,00
commercial painterR$ 250,00R$ 15,00
building painterR$ 350,00R$ 36,00
industrial painterR$ 280,00R$ 35,00

Note: The prices shown here are approximate estimates of reality and may vary depending on other factors, such as, for example, depending on the type of work, the experience of the painter and the place where the service is performed.

The painting professional can charge for the service on a daily basis, however, there are cases in which he can work both on a daily basis and per square meter (m2).

In the case of a contract, to arrive at a value x the painter evaluates the needs of the service, location, labor costs, transport, food, tools and materials for the work. In terms of size, the professional charges the service per square meter, which is a fixed price based on the price list of the painting or civil construction work.

Painting a room is one of the quickest and most straightforward ways to change a space.

The expense to paint a room will change depending on whether you want to paint it yourself (DIY) or hire an expert to take care of the painting details.

The normal market price can cost between R$ 12.00 and R$ 15.00 per square meter (m2) to paint an interior wall.

Normal costs increase to R$ 15.00 to R$ 20.00 per square meter, if the painting incorporates finishes or linings. Expenses can be affected by the shape of the room, the height of the walls, the current tones of the surfaces, your geographic area and much more.

To prepare and paint a standard room with a minimum area of ​​12 square meters, a minimum width of 2 meters and a ceiling height of 2.6 meters, the normal cost is BRL 15.00 per square meter and its total sum is BRL 936 ,00.

The calculations look like this:

12 × 2 × 2,6 = 62,4m2

While you're thinking about painting a room, you should also consider the planning work – which includes getting the materials, gluing the partitions and preparing the provisions. Despite the fact that doing the work yourself will of course keep up with the normal expense of painting a room, the cost of hiring an experienced painter can be well worth it when you consider the time and effort it can save.

Normal cost to paint a room

When you're thinking about painting a room, the most effective way to assess normal art costs is to initially quantify the area of ​​the space. One standard indoor 18 gallon paint can paint up to 400 square feet of space. In light of this, a cordial spending plan, a DIY painting position in a small room can be completed for less than $200.00.

However, the normal expense to have a room expertly painted is greater than this, as you are paying for the labor on top of material expenses. The most affordable specialist art occupations will be in square rooms with constrained trim and low dividers. For example, it costs from R$250 to R$400 to paint a bathroom. At the opposite end of the lane, it costs from R$1,900 to R$3,600 to paint a 300 square meter hall.

Factors that affect the cost of painting a room

Whilst you are thinking of the normal cost to paint a room it may seem to be contrasting one type with an entirely different type: costs will change depending on several elements which are essential to consider before making any assumptions about painting costs.

What Layout Means for the Cost of Painting a Room

The normal expense to paint a room is affected by size, but also by shape, height and extras. Assuming there are underlying components, lots of trim to work around, high ceilings or restricted spaces can add to costs.

Past the format, the style of the dividers can completely affect the expenses. If there is a wooden structure or heavy surface, he can invest in some opportunity to complete the task, which will be reflected in the cost.

What the type of paint means for the cost of painting a room

Assuming you walk into a home improvement store and take a look at the paint brand, you'll quickly understand that opting for shading isn't the main decision you need to make. In addition, there are several types and characteristics of ink. The two fundamental classes are water-based paints and solvent-based paints.

Water-based paints cost an average of R$ 60.00 to R$ 150 per gallon of 3.6L. Solvent-based paints can last a long time and work well in rooms, hallways and hallways. Premium water-based paints cost a little more, with a regular price of R$150 to R$200 per 3.6L gallon.

Oil-based paints are more prone to chipping in the long run, but are most often the best decision for bathrooms or kitchens, as they work best against water damage and moisture. There are also several types of paints made, which can influence appearance and resistance.

Level paint costs an average of $100 to $250 per 3.6 liter gallon. This is best suited for spaces where there isn't a lot of humidity.

Tintas casca de ovo (casca de ovo) e tintas com acabamento sedoso e brilho custam em média R$ 150,00 a R$ 22,00 por galão de 3,6L. Ambos são ótimas opções completas por causa de seu custo e resistência. A tinta semibrilho custa um preço normal de R$ 120,00 a R$ 180,00 por galão. Esses tipos de tinta são melhores para acabamentos, rodapés ou diferentes destaques.

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