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Cheap labor, does it have quality (Brazil)?

In Brazil, it is common to hear someone say that they prefer low price over quality, even knowing that such a choice directly influences the final result!

Believe me, when it comes to providing services, most Brazilians are big fans of the economist culture.

That is, people tend to give more value to something worthless than something with a fair price and superior quality.

But what they don't know is that everything that has quality has a price. And indeed, everything that has a price has its value!

If you're like most people, maybe you too will someday end up buying a pig in a poke by hiring cheap labor.

I know words are powerful, but these are not to discourage you from hiring below market labor, but rather to draw your attention to quality.

In other words, instead of trying to save some money with what's cheap and in the end, end up spending more than you saved, invest in quality just once.

Whether in any sector, by investing in product or service quality, you will discover that this is the right path to success!

From the moment you believe that quality generates satisfaction and not greater expenses, your mind begins to free itself from the old economist culture.

Of course, that doesn't happen to most Brazilians, because they are moved by what they learned in Brazil about economics.

So, to break this cliché paradigm that people think is still a great advantage for those who hire cheap labor!

I leave you here, the phrase of the father of modern administration and master in economics to say what he thinks about cheap labor in Brazil.

Photo: Peter F. Drucker

I'm not an expert on Brazil, but I can say one thing: Don't believe that cheap labor is still an advantage.

Basing himself on this phrase that is so direct to Brazilians, I would say that Peter Drucker was a person of vision and wanted to convey the impression that nothing too cheap adds value.

Just as products would see prices for inferior or superior quality, the same happens in the provision of services.

Some offer products for little because they are going to make them anyway with inferior and cheap materials. Others offer the best because they focus on product and raw material quality.

For many, it makes no difference until problems arise due to the lack of quality and guarantee of the product or service! However, for those with common sense, they know that an inferior offer demands a lack of commitment and lack of technical preparation for the role.

Only uninformed people DO NOT see that anything sold below the market does not have the same guarantee as that which has gone through pricing and is in line with the segment and balanced competition.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in selling products or services. And even if you feel uncomfortable accepting this paradigm shift, try to think about it!

Because the simple fact that you think about it is already a big change in your life. Anyway, think and rethink and transmit this idea to your subconscious and feel the inner transformation.

Therefore, as much as your thinking refuses to think about it, one thing is certain, from now on, you are someone with a different view on cheap labor.

I challenge you to invest in quality and not be satisfied!!! Do this and you will see that there is nothing more rewarding in life than feeling good and at ease!

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