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Paint roller for painter, which is the best brand and model?


Photo: Painter's roller

If you are a painter or simply a DIY and you are in doubt about: what is the best type of roller to paint the wall? So, in that case, here, you have found the right answer!

Well, there are some situations that require the painter to have technical knowledge to choose the correct paint roller to paint the chosen surface. So, don't be fooled into thinking that paint rollers are all the same and the only thing that changes is the price of the product.

Of course not. There are certain surfaces that need to be painted with the right roller and brush, otherwise it can damage the paint finish and lead to loss of materials.


Paint rollers for painting walls and other surfaces are known as high, medium and low pile wool rollers, however, each of them is used for different finishes, such as:
  1. High pile paint roller
  2. Medium pile paint roller
  3. Low pile paint roller
  4. Velvet paint roller ;
  5. Polyester foam roller.


The high-pile paint roller or Paint Roller Pele de Carneiro Mil (1000) Mais - ATLAS - 23cm 
is indicated for painting rustic surfaces, such as textures, graffiti, masonry, block bricks, plaster walls and facades.
Photo: Sheepskin Roll 1000 Atlas

In other words, Pele de Carneiro 1000 Mais Painting Roller - ATLAS - 23cm is recommended for painting rustic and rough surfaces. Indeed, an excellent sheepskin roll. Its 22mm high wool for better ink absorption ensures greater performance and does much more in a single application.

Indicated for use: High pile roller is superior in painting in semi-hard regions. Proven to be much more suitable for plastic, acrylic, pva, oil and lacquer paints on rough or rough surfaces.


Undoubtedly, the medium pile paint roller is recommended for painting rough interior walls with a matte finish.

Photo: 23cm Atlas Sheepskin roller

The recommendation of most specialist painters is: if it is interior painting on rough walls with a matte finish, it is recommended to use a Painting Roller Natural Wool Carneiro Atlas 328/22 23cm with Cage Support.


Known among painters as anti-drip or anti-spatter, the low wool roller is indicated for painting smooth surfaces, with a satin or washable finish and semi-gloss, and is also used for painting ceilings, drywall and boards.

Photo: Atlas Roller for Anti-Drip Paint Synthetic Wool 0321/10 23cm

The Atlas Roller for Painting Anti-Drops Synthetic Wool 0321/10 23cm is one of the most sought after rollers by Brazilian painters for painting ceilings, Drywall and smooth surfaces.

Why is the drip roller one of the best paint rollers for fine finish work?

The Atlas anti-drip roller is made of polyamide woven into superior fabric and has ink retention capacity and good film (coat) coverage. It is ideal for painting in a fine finish on smooth surfaces, such as ceilings, walls, plaster and drywall. It must be used with specific paints, such as acrylic latex or pva, and in some cases, with synthetic enamel.


The velvet paint roller, in other cases, is used to paint the floor and parking lot with demarcation, and of course, it is also suitable for painting with epoxy paint.
Photo:  100% Natural Sheep Wool Paint Roller Velvet 23cm - ATLAS

Practically, the most recommendable for painting with epoxy paint is the 23cm Sheep Wool Paint Roller 100% Natural Velvet - ATLAS.

Velvet roll, 100% natural sheep wool. Indication of use: Ideal for varnish and protective paints such as epoxy and floor lacquers on smooth surfaces. Ideal for fine finishing.


Indicated for painting multisurfaces, such as wood, iron, metal, aluminum, galvanized, wall and even plastic, the polyester foam roller is for painting in fine finishes and smooth surfaces.

The Anti-Mark Polyester Foam Painting Roller - ATLAS - 15cm is one of the rollers for painting finishes and cutouts most recommended by professional painters and paint specialists.
Photo:  Anti-Mark Polyester Foam Painting Roller - ATLAS - 15cm

But attention! The best foam rollers, regardless of the brand, must be 100% polyester and contain a density of 30 (kg/m³), as they are resistant to solvents.

Indicated for use on: smooth surfaces of walls, wood and metal. Use it with synthetic enamel paints, varnishes, acrylic paint and pva. Oh! As mentioned before, the polyester foam roller is resistant to mineral solvents, however, it should not be used with thinner or solvent in bulk.

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