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Who is the best wall painter in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil?

Hi! My name is Marcos Henrique, I'm a Building Painter at MH Pinturas e Reparos and I work in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará.
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Hey there, painting people (men and women painters), how are you? Check it out: I don't have a crystal ball, but if you've made it this far today, you're probably Googling some information about the best wall painter in Fortaleza, Ceará , right? Assuming your answer is YES! Realize that not only do you feel a little uncertain about who is the best painter in Fortaleza-CE ?

Could I claim that I am the best wall painter in Fortaleza - CE, without you knowing my service? Of course not! Honestly, I also occasionally wonder, “Does it even exist? Who really is the best wall painter in Fortaleza — CE? All good! Despite not knowing the answer, I believe that the best wall painter in Fortaleza does not exist in the singular, but in the plural. In other words, there are a lot of painters who are really the best at what they do, particularly finish painting.

Literally, I am speaking in a real and not a figurative sense, creating a character that does not exist, and of course, maybe later you will understand why I said that I am NOT the best painter in the area!

Before I get into the best painter scenario, I need to explain to the readers of this blog that I will be offering my own perspective on some painters from Fortaleza — CE , so it's possible that the best painter in my perspective is not the most ideal painter as you would well see!

Anyway, getting back to the subject, now I would like to talk to you about the idea of ​​the best wall painter in Fortaleza , so keep reading this article…

Idea of ​​the best: concept and opinion!

Particularly, in my humble opinion, the best means: the best is the one who, when contrasted with himself, never says he is an expert on the subject or was superior to others, but lets his work speak for itself. Or, on the other hand, the best is the person who has more properties to comply with specific rules of technical work. Anyway, it is clear that in addition to the concept of better or worse, there is also the good and the terrible, but it is not incredible or absolutely incredible. So when we discuss the topic from another perspective, the word best alludes to that which is unrivaled in quality and value.

Painting Amateurs!

Obviously, nowadays, with so much data accessible on the Web, anyone searches Google in search of a painter or painting company, or simply accesses the site and hires labor.

However, people DON'T know how to differentiate specialist painters from amateurs, and, for this reason, the service provider market is frowned upon by the contractor, in this case, the consumer.

You will hardly find a painting specialist on the OLX website! That's because most of them are always on a busy schedule or providing services to renowned companies, architects and engineers.
Anyway, what I can say about amateur painters is that they all have the best argument and low price to close painting works, correct?

And generally, those who hire amateurs are the kind of people who think they know everything about painting, they always have that old catchphrase on the tip of their tongue: It's a quick service, very quick, you can finish it in a day!

For so many, truth be told, most amateurs start the painting job, doing rough finishings and repairs and before facing the monster that is manual sanding, magically, they get sick or are unwilling to continue the work. poorly finished service that even they don't want to complete!

The painting experts

Among so many specialists who work in painting in Fortaleza, I had the extraordinary pleasure of working with some great painters in the region, as well as having the happiness of meeting Antonio Pintor, and this had a positive impact on the quality of my service. In any case, Antonio Pintor, a simple person, of Maranguapense origin (Descendant of Pitaguari), was the person who most stood out from the other specialists, and, in my opinion, he is certainly one of the best painters in Fortaleza ! Unlike many who claim to be specialists, Antonio Pintor made me understand that offering modest limits or costs just to close budgets was not his greatest advantage, and certainly not for any painter! It may even seem unusual, but, in fact, its differential and extraordinary offer, was in the nature of the service provided to the customer, such as, for example, in the explanation of its methodology and how it performed the painting. Thinking about Antonio Pintor's tips, I didn't care much about his words, because I thought to myself: it's just another bunch of nonsense!

However, when he started talking about the ABNT NBR 15079 standard (Superseded) and the paint evaluation strategy for non-modern structures, which determines the coverage strength of wet paint (ABNT NBR 14943) and dry paint (ABNT NBR 14942 ), got my attention!

At this point, I could see that he had a ton of technical study on the subject. Also, really, I was the person who didn't understand the idea of ​​Antonio Pintor's painting and his patterns. Literally, I was floating in ink!!!
But, I was willing to know a little about his work procedure, which, by the way, at that point, he already maintained the NBR 11702: 2010 guideline of the 2011 ABNT Revision, and that, it seemed incredible!

Therefore, I imagined that Antonio Pintor could constantly carry out painting administrations, such as PVA, acrylics, synthetic enamel and epoxy, that is with economic, standard or premium paints and their finishes. And in fact, I didn't use my imagination for nothing, Antonio Pintor really worked with several finishes, the guy even spoke the names in English: MATTE, VELVET, EGGSHELL, SEMI-GLOSS and SATIN.

Truly, Antonio Pintor is an almanac of painting, I understood a lot about paints and finishes.

So, in my opinion, Antonio Pintor is one of the best painting specialists you can find in Fortaleza today!

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