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Painter and Paints: How much does it cost to paint a 4x4 room?

On the off chance that you really want to be aware of how much it costs to paint a 4x4 living room or bedroom? So keep reading to find out how much you will spend on work and materials to paint a 4x4 room...

Most of the time, to know the amount of materials to paint a 4x4 room, it is first important to know the components of the walls, ceilings, windows and doors.

For example, suppose you want to know how much paint to paint a 4x4 by 2.60 high room. For this situation, to find the total square footage of the 4x4 room, just measure the width of the walls by the height level of the room.

Getting the wall measurements of a 4x4 room

  • Room dimensions: 4x4(m2)
  • Wall measurements: 4x4=16(m2)
  • Height level: 16(m2)x2.60(m/H)=41.60
  • Total: 41,60 (m2).

Now that you've got the wall measurement estimates for a 4x4 room, just calculate the complete estimates of how much coat of paint to apply to the walls.

For example: 41.60(m2)x2 layers of paint=83.20(m2).

For this situation, to paint a 4x4 room, it is enough to buy a 3.6L gallon of paint with a yield of 100m2 and ideally a Premium or Standard paint, otherwise it may be very important to increase the number of layers of paint applied to the wall for inclusion ideal.

Acrylic paint 3.6L Yields Very Coral

To paint a 4x4 environment, we suggest buying a Standard paint from the Coral brand, for example, the Coral Rende Much 3.6L line, which has a yield of 100m2 per coat.

Value: From BRL 85.00 to BRL 125.80.

Where to buy: e-outside white-neve-3,6-l-coral_85137325

Of course, in addition to paint, you will also need different materials for painting, for example:

Other than that, you will in any case have labor costs (proficient painter) that can vary from R$ 150.00 to R$ 250.00 each day of service provided.

Also, depending on the state of the surfaces in a 4x4 room, there may be different costs for materials and labor to carry out additional administrations, such as plastering and sanding the walls.

Of course, it's usually not important to fully apply spackle to the walls, just minor repairs, sanding and painting are sufficient for 4x4 rooms in a loft.

Another detail that deserves attention is the variety and finish of the paint used in the painting work, for example, if it is white paint or ice white with a matte finish, the service will generally be faster and cheaper.

In any case, if it is colored paint with a washable, satin or semi-gloss finish, rest assured that the materials are more expensive and the work will cost considerably more than administering the matte paint.

We, painters and customers must agree, in the case of Premium paints, for this situation, the product may have a cost according to the market, in this sense, painting requires specialized and specific work to help obtain a result positive.

Thus, in this sense, the service deserves the hiring of a specialist painter to work with washable paints and semi-gloss finishes, as the materials are explicit for professionals prepared to carry out paintings and corrections with paints and supplements from the most expensive brands!

If you choose to hire a professional painter for the service, we suggest two platforms for online painters, in this case, Find Your Painter Suvinil and Páginas Coloridas Coral.

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