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AkzoNobel Coral and Academy Color Pages for Men and Women Painters in Brazil!

Photo: Coral Colored Pages

Coral Colored Pages: AkzoNobel Painters Platform

Speak professional painter and painter! Have you heard of AkzoNobel Colored Pages Coral?

If not yet! So, in this case, I would like to clarify that Paginas Coloridas Coral, is not a notebook with borders to draw in Word or One Piece to print or download online.

Having said that, we return to the context of the article, which is to talk a little about the Páginas Coloridas Coral platform, the new AkzoNobel project aimed at male and female painters…

Well done! It doesn't matter if you just want to paint a room or an entire property. The Paginas Coloridas Coral platform has painters ready to assist you and make your budget and execute your painting.

What is Coral Coloring Pages?

It is a platform created by Akzonobel, which puts experienced painters in contact with people who need qualified professionals in paints and finishes, all ready to perform painting services in various properties, such as painting houses, apartments, condominiums, buildings, stores, commercial rooms, offices, companies, malls, among others.

How can a painter get work on Páginas Coloridas?

Each specialist painter who has undergone training at Academia Coral can create their profile on Páginas Coloridas, a space to show their work and receive requests for contacts to make quotes online, by email, telephone and WhatsApp.

What certifications does a painter need to enter Coloring Pages Coral?

To be part of Páginas Coloridas da Coral, first, the painter must register on the website:  and have completed at least the Essential in Paints course.

What is the Essential Paints course?

Essential in paints is the training that addresses the main subjects related to decorative painting. After registering at the Coral Academy and completing the Essential Paints course, you must access the website:  to register.

Once this is done, in Páginas Coloridas, you will be able to customize your space, placing a profile picture and your work images in the projects option.

Now, it's up to you, painter and painter! And remember, Coral Coloring Pages is for painters who are professionals and have completed AkzoNobel Coral Academy training.

If you do not complete Coral academy training, unfortunately you will not be able to join Páginas Coloridas. So, don't waste any more time!

Go to Coral Academy and register.

In addition to the tips and news that Coral offers to painting professionals, it is worth mentioning that there are more than 59 courses on painting at the Coral Academy, and the most outstanding of all training courses are:
  • Essential in Paints: Training that addresses the main subjects related to decorative painting.
  • Painting external areas: Training on techniques for preparing external walls, applying products and solving problems and solutions.
  • Special Effects – Velvet/Nuage: Coral Decora product training that addresses application techniques inspired by the sophistication of velvet.
  • Special Effects – Marble: Training on the Coral Decora product that addresses application techniques with an imposing effect of marble stone.
  • Special Effects – Burnt Cement: Training on Coral Decora's product that addresses application techniques with a rustic, industrial and modern effect.
  • All of Color Volunteer: Painter who voluntarily participates in Coral's Tudo de cor actions, a movement that brings color and life to communities and institutions.
  • Sustainability: Training on Sustainability, which addresses topics such as product production, identification of the most sustainable products and the correct disposal of waste.
  • Training on Painting Wood and Metals on External Surfaces: Addresses the main pathologies and their solutions, surface preparation and the best products that will bring a better finish and greater durability.
Apart from these courses, there are still other trainings waiting for you at the Coral Academy... For more information about the Coral Academy, visit the website:

For today, that's all.
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