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Coral Renders Much AkzoNobel: Standard Matte Acrylic Paint 18L

Review about Coral Yields Much 18L (AkzoNobel): Standard Matte Acrylic Latex Paint for Painting Walls and Ceilings!

Rende Much paint is a high-consistency paint that allows for greater dilution than other traditional paints on the market.

Coral Rende Much is the only AkzoNobel paint that is able to be diluted to the maximum without suffering changes in color or weakening in hiding power.

With Coral Yield Much paint, you can dilute up to 80% with water and with this performance it is possible to paint up to 500 m² (can) per coat.

In addition to being a high-consistency paint that takes into account greater dilution than other traditional paint lines, Coral Rende Much has a very reasonable covering power compared to other brands.

With AkzoNobel's Coral Rende Much alone, it is possible to reach 80% weakening of the paint with water and up to 500m² can be painted (18L can) per coat.

With Coral Rende Além, you can guarantee more results on the job, with greater inclusion of more paint and the best advantage of saving money and material.

Coral Rende Much is a matte finish paint and presents itself as a significantly more viable product than different paints, considering that with a can of Rende Much 18L, you have almost two pots of paint and paint up to 500 square meters per coat .

Recommendation for using Coral Ink Render Very Standard Matte

  • Dilution:  Fixed and sealed surfaces or unsealed and unblocked walls can receive application of Coral Rende Much paint with dilution of up to 80% with consumable water for all coats.
  • Drying:  Touch: 30 minutes; Between coats: 4 hours; End: From 4 hours to 1 working day.
  • Chemical composition:  Modified acrylic resin, active and inert pigments, surfactants, coalescents, thickeners, non-metallic microbicides, other additives and water.
  • Application:  Internal and external walls
  • Weight:  24kg
  • Use:  Apply with a low pile wool roller or a delicate fiber brush; Clean devices with cleaner and water.
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