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Profession: Repositor Ferista

What is a Ferista Repository?

Holiday repositor or sales promoter?There are people inside companies who don't know the difference between a stocker and a sales promoter, and for this reason, they can influence the work of others in the wrong role!

With that in mind, in this article we are going to talk about the ferista stockist, about his duties within a company, and above all, his qualifications and requirements to perform the function.

What does the ferista repository do?

The ferista repositor is the professional responsible for cleaning and organizing, replacing products in the sector that is destined for him, and in addition, it is part of his job to maintain the shelves with products or materials suitable for sale.

In addition, the holiday replenisher must notify those in charge of damaged products, when found in the sales department.

As mentioned earlier, the ferista stockist is primarily responsible for cleaning, organizing and replacing the sector assigned to him, keeping the shelves with products suitable for sale.

So, it is known that in the role of a ferista repositor they have the following duties to be done:

  • Notify damaged products when found in the sector.

  • Ensure the conservation of shelves and gondolas.

  • Support product pricing.

Requirements and qualifications to work as a reseller?

  1. Completed elementary or high school. (Varies from company to company).

  2. Minimum 6 months experience in the role.

  3. Availability to work in all stores.

Tip: If you wish to seek an opportunity for this role as a reseller, in this case, please meet the requirements and qualifications for the job.

To consult vacancies for repositor ferista, access the website:

If you live in Fortaleza and want to work as a repositor, the Acal network has job opportunities open.


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