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Why hire a painter?

There are three reasons why you would want to hire a painter:
  1. Are you a homeowner in need of interior or exterior painting for your home or apartment?

  2. Are you a property manager and are you upgrading or modernizing apartments that have closets and doors that need to be renovated?

  3. Are you a general contractor needing to hire a subcontractor to finish painting walls, cabinets and doors or for new construction or renovation projects?

It seems that no matter which category you fall into, if you have to paint a property then you need to recruit a painter.

  • Why would you hire a painter - specifically an apartment painter?

  • And why don't you want to do it alone?

Everyone has a specialty! What is yours?

If your specialty is not painting, then you should let someone who specializes in painting do the work for you, and you do what you do best, which is decorating your property and choosing the colors and finishes of the paints.

You might think you can save money if you do it yourself, which might be a half-truth, but often sacrificing quality while having a perfect job doesn't make sense.

Reasons to hire a professional door painter:

  • You can supervise instead of doing the actual work.

  • You are out of cleaning service. Cleaning a paint job is a task no one likes and you wouldn't want it for yourself either.

  • You can avoid all the time-consuming prep like taking apart doors or cabinets, sanding or removing hardware.

  • You can be confident that the right processes, procedures and products are used for quality work.

  • A professional will have all the right tools and equipment to get the job done and doing it right is the secret to painting.

  • A good professional will know all the appropriate details for quality work that you don't even know about.

  • You're not the one with dye in your hair and under your nails.

  • In the end, your doors will have a quality finish and all you've done is buy the paints, add-ons and recruit a painter.

As a professional painter, I have something unique to offer...

The process I use to repaint doors, walls and other surfaces is unlike anything you've ever seen. So I'm going to bring a truckload of painting ideas to this site in the future.

The interior paint for apartments and houses, which I designed, is fine-finished and smooth.

In some articles, you can find tips for preparing, spraying and drying your doors, walls and surfaces.

All the mess generated during painting and post-work cleaning is kept inside a container and then disposed of in an ecologically correct way.

This tip allows you to finish your work on time and quickly return furniture to its place, while controlling the details of the painting, which in turn controls your costs.

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