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It's time to paint your doors, are you ready to start?

Painting a wooden door may even seem like an easy task for someone who just observes the spectacle of wooden painting! But in practice, would you know how to paint a wooden door with enamel paint ?

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If you don't know, then first of all you need to know how much it costs to paint a wooden door

I don't know about you, but some people don't even know how to paint an old wooden door ! Because most are in doubt whether to paint the door white or varnish ? And in addition, there are other questions about painting doors, such as:

  • How much does it cost to paint a wooden door?

  • What to do before painting the wooden door?

  • What is better to paint wooden door?

  • What kind of paint to paint wooden door?

In fact, I know that many people don't even know what kind of paint to paint a wooden door ? For this reason, I decided to write this article to give you some tips on painting wooden doors. Keep reading...

How much does it cost to paint a wooden door?

Generally, to paint a wooden door it is necessary first of all to understand that there are materials and tools for painting doors and others for walls.

So, if you want to know how much it costs to paint a wooden door

Sanding sheets for wood grain 180 and 220
23 cm paint tray
45mm masking tape
Kraft paint paper
Vaseline in paste
Wood putty 6kg
wooden leveling background
synthetic enamel paint
disposable mask
latex gloves
Protective goggles.

Overall, painting wooden doors can be either cheaper or more expensive, depending on the type of door you want to paint.

If you supply the materials, most professionals charge between R$80.00 to R$120.00 for repainting a plain Paraná wooden door (2.10x0.80).

Now, in the case of a new door, the value may vary, as there are some procedures that demand extra time and effort, such as, for example, sanding wood with sandpaper , application of primer, acrylic or oil plastering, 3 coats of ink.

What to do before painting the wooden door?

Well, there are some occasions when you should know what to do before painting the wooden door , such as: if it is a new or old door, in addition, you need to know the differences between surfaces that are painted with paint or varnish .

However, you will know what kind of paint to paint a wooden door with synthetic enamel paint is varnish ? And at the same time, what is better to paint wooden door?

What is the difference between a painted door and a varnished door?

According to the direct observation of the surfaces, just by looking at the wooden doors you can tell if it's paint or varnish, and in fact, the two don't mix!

That's because, doors painted with paints are usually white surfaces with satin or semi-gloss finishes.

Let's face it, you will hardly find a door that has been painted with white synthetic enamel paint to be repainted with varnish, right?

Truth be told, no painter would apply varnish over synthetic enamel paint. But on the contrary, doors painted with acrylic varnishes can be painted with synthetic enamel paint, as long as there is a whole preparation before receiving the painting.

When the door is painted with synthetic enamel paint, the first thing you need to identify is whether the painting was done with water-based or solvent-based paint.

And to know the essential details containing the step by step to paint a door with synthetic enamel paint

What kind of paint to paint wooden door?

On the internet, you can find a little bit of everything, there are even those who say that painting wooden doors can be done with pva or acrylic latex paint. And you, what do you think?

For some artisans who work with decoration, using latex pva or acrylic paints can even be seen as the correct way to paint wood. And that is not discussed between them!

However, every professional painter knows very well that latex pva or acrylic paints are only recommended for painting walls and other surfaces other than wood, metal or galvanized.

So, among professional painters there is no debate either!

If it is wood painting , the best type of paint to paint the door is undoubtedly synthetic enamel, and preferably, a satin or semi-gloss finish.

Want to know why synthetic enamel paint should be used in door painting instead of pva or acrylic latex paint?

First, I emphasize here that painting wood with latex pva or acrylic wall paint

Why does wood yellowing happen?

It is not known for sure, but in some situations, either because of the climate of the environment, or perhaps, due to excessive heat and cold, and also due to lack of light on the surface, and in addition, because the interior of the doors is not lit. .

In fact, yellowing appears in the paint due to contact with contaminants such as ammonia, tobacco or excessive moisture in the wood.

Furthermore, not only pva latex or yellow acrylic paints are in contact with contaminants, but also oil and solvent-based paints.

Oil-based and alkyd paints are generally solvent-based, turpentine or thinners.

These, in turn, when in contact with the additive reagents for dilution (solvents), undergo chemical changes both in drying and in coloring. Therefore, oil and solvent-based paints have a very slow curing mechanism and can still yellow when not exposed to light.

Why paint wooden door?

Except for floors, doors are probably some of the most used parts of your home.

When they're not greeting guests in the stylish way, enduring the weather or getting hit by humidity, or they're being scarred by dirty, oily toes and splayed open toes.

I think it's safe to say its ports are used and abused. That's why it's so important to take good care of them when they need a little paint or varnish.

What is better to paint wooden door

Most of us think we know how to apply a coat of paint and make things look better for our doors. But the truth is that most people don't know how or don't have the time to do the job right, and especially, they don't know what's best to paint wooden doors.

With that in mind, the care to paint a wooden door would be the following recommendations:

  • Properly prepare door surfaces;

  • Use the right kind of paint to paint the doors;

  • Have the right tools for your door paint job;

  • Know how to apply the paint correctly so it doesn't run.

What is true when it comes to painting walls is even more true when it comes to painting doors. Most people don't know what's right and insist on doing it anyway, so the result can be unpleasant in the eyes of the beholder!

Pintando uma porta: passo a passo

Whether your ports are internal or external, there are steps you need to take to get the job done completely and correctly:

  • Start by taking the door off its hinges;

  • Remove the handles and other hardware and clean them so they look as beautiful as the finished door.

  • Sand the door lightly to remove any stains and roughen the surface so that the new paint properly penetrates the wood;

  • Prepare the port if necessary for situations like this:

    • If it is a new surface that has never been painted

    • If the door was previously stained

    • If you are using a light color over a dark color

    • If your previous paint was oil-based or synthetic enamel and you are now using latex or acrylic.

  • If your doors have panels, the panels must be painted with a roller first;

  • Then brush the paint into the panel grooves, brushing in the same direction as the wood grain.

  • Wrap the outside of the panel, painting the vertical pieces before the horizontal ones

  • Paint the edges of the door.

  • When that side of the door is dry you can turn it over to paint the other side.

  • When both sides are dry, both sides will need a second coat.

  • Put the hardware back and hang your door

This is quite a lengthy process, what if you have more than one door that needs to be painted?

Painting doors takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience from the person to do it right. So, in the best case scenario, if you have never painted wooden doors in your life, the right thing to do is to recruit a painting professional, as they will know how to do the job.

An easier way to paint your doors

If you don't want to paint your doors because you don't know anything about painting. Maybe I can make the process a lot easier for you... it will take less time, less mess and definitely less frustration.

For a long time I worked with door painting, and it was through mistakes and successes that I designed the methodology for painting doors that today I can advise you on your renovation.

Currently, I am prepared to provide all the methodology for painting doors, from preparation, through spraying, to drying the paint...

With my painting consultancy your work takes less time, there are no paint odors in your house and if there is dirt, I patch the right products to do all the cleaning.

Se você têm portas em sua casa que precisam ser reformadas, entre em contato para solicitar uma consultaria gratuita.

Heads up! I make it clear to every reader, that because I am no longer working with door painting personally and because I am dedicating more time to creating content for this blog, I do not respond to all requests for advice.

Now, assuming I have some free time and want to reminisce about my painter days, maybe I can help you!

Thank you in advance for having come this far. Well, that means you've read the entire article.

And if the content of this blog helped you or if you still have questions, leave a comment below and I promise to answer you!

That's all for today.

Until the next article...

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