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Suvinyl Shredded Paper - Ink Colors and Prices

Suvinyl Shredded Paper

Papel Picado Suvinil

Shredded paper is nothing more than a light gray and is part of Suvinil's range of colors.

What is the basis for shredded paper ink?

First, it is worth mentioning that the primer used to create these special colors is composed of a pigment base in the Suvinil Tintometric System (SelfColor), resulting in a light gray color.

Segundo, em geral a base para a criação do Papel Picado Suvinil pode variar entre MTF e sua categoria é Premium e acabamento fosco.

In addition, shredded paper is listed on Suvinil's menu of neutral and classic colors, which is why it is one of the most sought-after shades in paint or construction material stores.

In fact, some more intense colors usually require a greater number of paint coats to obtain a good result, however, the color of Suvinil shredded paper is easy to apply and has a high covering power.

By the way, if you want to be quick and efficient when painting with colored ink from shredded paper, also use a Suvinil background in the same shade.

Finally, the application of 1 to 2 coats of Suvinil base coat for walls 

That way, in addition to saving time and money, you will be quick and efficient when it comes to painting.

What color is the shredded paper?

To conclude: if you need more information about the color of Pepel Picado paint. The Paper Chopped Suvinyl color code is B148 or use RGB: 216.211.202 as a reference to create the shade in the paint shop.

Price of Suvinil shredded paper…

In most paint stores, the color Papel Picado Suvinil is priced at approximately R$ 85.00 to R$ 120.00 (matte finish paint and Premium category).
If you change the paint finish, from matte to satin or semi-gloss, in that sense, the price will change too!

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