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Painting price list per square meter 2022 Abrapp in PDF (Brazil)

Discover the painting price list per square meter in 2022!

One of the best things that appeared in 2022 on the internet was the painting table per square meter in PDF from Abrapp - Associação Brasileira de Pintores Profissionals!

With Abrapp’s table of price suggestions, it is possible for the painter to have an idea of ​​how much the square meter of the painting costs in 2022.

Knowing the price of painting per m2 makes all the difference when making a budget for the client and, of course, also so that the painter does not suffer losses caused by the lack of price pricing for painting services. So, thinking of helping painters, I wrote the article on Painting Price Table per Square Meter in 2022.

Well, particularly, I know that there are many painting price lists in PDF available for download on the internet, however, none compares with the ABRAPP 2022 painting price list.

This is because most painting price tables per square meter do not price the values ​​in terms of lengths and per day as the Abrapp table does.

In Abrapp's current table, painters can see so much price per square meter of painting railings, doors, windows, walls, drywall, floors and vacancy demarcation, among others.

Without a doubt, Abrapp was right to launch an updated painting table to help fellow painters in Brazil. 

After all, it's not every day that you find a wall painting price list with suggested prices for labor and painting services, correct?

I had already seen Abrapp's 2021 painting price table per square meter in PDF, but the new 2022 table is ideal for making quick quotes or filling requests for quotes from builders, engineers and architects.

For this reason, I say that Abrapp's 2022 table is the best for pricing prices for painting services, and evidently, it is also a handy tool for those who need to close budgets quickly.

Now, I have to clarify that with the Abrapp table it is not possible to know how much the m2 of painting with material costs, as it was created only to give suggestions of prices for painting per square meter or per day.

Another important point is that the Abrapp table is not 100% practicable by Brazilian painters, because in fact, the price of the painting service can vary from one state to another and also according to the experience of the painter.

That is, first, you need to understand that depending on your region of residence or social status, such as the neighborhood where you live and your purchasing power, the costs of a residential painting service may vary.

This happens because most painters follow the logic of purchasing power, so they tend to charge higher prices to serve customers from upscale or middle-class neighborhoods.

In peripheral neighborhoods with less purchasing power, painters charge prices below the market and for this reason, they do not follow the same price pricing criteria to charge a residential painting service, as those in upscale neighborhoods.

However, there is today on the market a table of painting prices per square meter in PDF created by Abrapp (Brazilian Association of Professional Painters) exclusively to help painting professionals.

In the Abrapp table, you can find suggested prices per square meter, labor and daily rates. So, if you are a painter and want to know how much the m2 of residential painting costs? The Abrapp 2022 table is the best option! With price suggestions found in Abrapp's painting table, you'll know how to prepare a residential painting quote easily!

Following the price and labor suggestions on the Abrapp painting table, anyone is able to measure how much it costs to paint an apartment measuring 50 square meters or other properties. The only thing not included in Abrapp's painting table is: How much does an 18-liter can of paint or other materials for renovations and maintenance yield.

Now, if you just want to know how much it costs to paint 4 rooms in an apartment or house, in this case, I recommend that you request a price estimate with experienced painters, as they will be able to answer you up to how many square meters of painting per day they can do!

But pay attention to your area of ​​operation, because the price of painting per m2 can be very different from the Northeast and Midwest regions. Despite price variations, there is no table of painting prices per square meter in Curitiba, Paraná, another one for BH, etc.

Likewise, there is no way to measure painting prices per m2 for São Paulo-SP. That is, there is no way to know how much it costs to paint a 4x4 room in Belo Horizonte or Rio Grande do Sul, just with the Abrapp price list!

In other words, there isn't a price list for spackling or painting for each region of Brazil, but of course, that doesn't mean you can't use the Abrapp table as a price reference to prepare a painting budget.

In fact, it would be very good if there were a painting price list per square meter for São Paulo and successively, one for each state in Brazil. But, for now, Abrapp's table of paintings per square meter is the best option for budgeting and requesting quotations!

If you agree, read on to the end or watch the video below to learn more about the new 2022 Paint Price Chart per square meter...

If you want to download Abrapp's new 2022 painting table per square meter in PDF, access the video on YouTube: (Download link pinned in YouTube comments!)

If you live in Brazil or Portugal and you were looking for the Painting Price List in PDF 2021 per square meter,  then you have come to the right place!

Brazilian Painters Vs American and European Painters!

American and European painters, do they have differences compared to Brazilians?

Now, before talking about the  table of painting prices per square meter 2022 , I would like to make a small comparison of prices and labor of painting professionals in Brazil, Portugal and the United States.

Well then! First, let's talk about the value of the work practiced by painters who live in the United States, because, in fact, unlike Brazilians and Portuguese, they do not follow a price list to close painting jobs. Of course, evidently, that in Brazil, most painters work daily for a fixed price or with a service contract.

In fact, American painters work by the hour and not by the day, piecework or contract. At first, it may seem strange to you who live in Brazil and are in the habit of providing services in the area of ​​painting, charging a budget based on the days of work or appointments.

Maybe it's not your case, but if you work on a daily basis or on a weekly basis, it's likely that you don't know what's new in the paint market! However, don't worry if you are out of date, because for your joy, here you will find Abrapp's new 2022 painting table.

The new 2022 Painting Price Chart per Square Meter in PDF and Online

Only here is it available for you to download the Table of Prices for Painting per Square Meter in 2022, both for painters and consumers.

Who is the Abrapp painting table per square meter 2022 indicated for?

  • Painting assistants

  • Official Painting Medium

  • Automotive Painter

  • real estate painter

  • Painter of Metallic Structures

  • Real estate painter

  • House painter

  • Residential Painter

  • Commercial painter

  • Building Painter.

Who created Abrapp's painting table per m2?

Photo:  MBPM  / Credits:  Abrapp

ABRAPP: Brazilian Association of Professional Painters and MBPM - Brazil Movement for a Better Painter!
Who created the table of painting prices per square meter, was  ABRAPP: Brazilian Association of Professional Painters in partnership with MBPM - Movimento Brasil por um Pintor Melhor.

Abrapp's 2022 painting price list per square meter in PDF brings some news in relation to the old 2021 painting price list per square meter pdf.

Photo: Abrapp Table 2021 | Credits: MBPM.

Abrapp's 2022 pdf painting table was updated in January 2022 and brought important changes for Brazilian painters and even freelancers who need to price services and labor.

In fact, compared to the old 2021 painting table, Abrapp's new 2022 pdf painting table is quite similar in terms of services. However, the 2021 pdf paint price list per square meter had some different values ​​from the 2022 paint price list.

But there are few changes that differ in labor values ​​to perform painting services.

At the same time, both the 2021 painting price list per square meter and the new Abrapp 2022 painting price list cover painting services and give price suggestions for painters in Brazil to work daily and also at fixed prices per m2.

In addition, it is worth noting that, like the old tables for 2019, 2020 and 2021, the new Abrapp 2022 painting price list is a pricing of labor values ​​collected on social networks with independent Brazilian painters.

That is, it is not a price standard to be followed by Brazilian painters, as it was not prepared by the painters’ union, however, it is up to you if you want to use the Abrapp painting table per square meter as a reference for preparing a budget or close services.

Therefore, if you are a painter and want to use Abrapp's 2022 painting price list per square meter, use it only to have a price base for freelance work and also to get an idea of ​​the value of a 2022 painting meter.

After all, the Abrapp 2022 painting table per square meter only gives a suggested price for self-employed painters in Brazil.

Therefore, in the same way as the 2020 painting price table per square meter, the Abrapp 2022 table brings suggestions for painting prices valid only for all of Brazil.

So, if you live in Europe and need a 2021 paint price list for Portugal, the labor values ​​described in this 2022 paint price list are not recommended for European countries.

This is because there is a big difference between the Brazilian currency and the euro, therefore, with the real exchange rate lower than that of the Portuguese currency, the Abrapp painting price list per square meter is not feasible, as painters in Portugal must follow the recommendations of the the union of European workers.

Coming back from the lands of Pedro Alves Cabral, here again to Brazil, Abrapp's 2022 painting price list deals only with the value of labor without material included.

Now, if you need an internal and external painting table, to make a budget with labor and material included, in this case you should look for the Sinapi da Caixa table.

Is the 2022 painting price list per square meter based on Sinapi da Caixa?

The answer is no. But if you want to download the price list (internal and external painting Sinapi da Caixa) just click on the link: aspx

According to ABRAPP – Brazilian Association of Professional Painters, prices were collected on social networks with painters.

We add the maximum and minimum value and the system gives the average. Material not included, just the cost of labor.

The Abrapp price list brought new labor values ​​for the application of wall paints in 2022 and had some updates compared to the 2021 paint price list and the 2020 paint price list per square meter.

Check the summary of Abrapp's new 2022 painting per m2 price list

What will you find in   Abrapp's new 2022 paint price list per square meter ?

  1. Walls and Masonry

  2. Masses / Fillings

  3. Miscellaneous Textures 1

  4. Miscellaneous Textures 2

  5. Enamel / Varnish / Epoxy

  6. Wood, Metal and Lacquering

  7. Decorative Effects

  8. Daily / Washing / Gutters

  9. Miscellaneous paintings

  10. Demarcation / Signaling

  11. Floor Painting / Demarcation

  12. Pasta combos 1

  13. Pasta Combos 2

  14. Acrylic Putty Combos 1

  15. Acrylic Putty Combos 2

  16. drywall walls

  17. Sponsors.

#1. Walls and Masonry

Photo: Sheet 01 – Walls and Masonry | Credits: Abrapp

#2. Pasta and Fillings

Photo: Sheet 02 – Putties and Fillings| Credits: Abrapp

#3. Miscellaneous Textures 1

Photo: Sheet 03 – Different textures 1 | Credits: Abrapp

#4. Miscellaneous Textures 2

Photo: Sheet 04 – Different textures 2 | Credits: Abrapp

#5. Enamel, Varnish and Epoxy

Photo: Sheet 05 – Enamel, Varnish and Epoxy | Credits: Abrapp

#6. Wood, Metal and Lacquering

Photo: Sheet 06 – Wood, Metal and
Lacquering | Credits: Abrapp

#7. Decorative Effects

Photo: Sheet 07 – Decorative Effects | Credits: Abrapp

#8. Daily, Washing and Gutters

Photo: Sheet 08 – Rates, Washing and Gutters | Credits: Abrapp

#9. Miscellaneous Paintings

Photo: Folha 09 – Different paintings
Credits: Abrapp

#10. Demarcation and Signaling

Photo: Sheet 10 – Demarcation and Signaling | Credits: Abrapp

#11. Painting, Flooring and Demarcation

Photo: Sheet 11 – Painting, Flooring and Demarcation | Credits: Abrapp

#12. Massa Racing Combos 1

Photo: Sheet 12 – Combos Massa Corrida 1 | Credits: Abrapp

#13. Combos Massa Corrida 2

Photo: Sheet 13 – Combos Massa Corrida 2 | Credits: Abrapp

#14. Acrylic Putty Combos 1

Photo: Sheet 14 – Acrylic Putty Combos 1 | Credits: Abrapp

#15. Acrylic Putty Combos 2

Photo: Sheet 15 – Acrylic Putty Combos 2 | Credits: Abrapp

#16. drywall walls

Photo: Sheet 16 – Drywall walls | Credits: Abrapp

#17. sponsors

Photo: Folha 17 – Official sponsors Abrapp and MBPM | Credits: Abrap

Attention: To download the complete price list for painting 2022 per square meter (m2) in PDF, visit the  ABRAPP website  or  click here  (Google Drive link shared by Abrapp).

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