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Suvinil Shredded Paper Ink: Color Price RGB Matte and Satin 18L

Suvinil Ink: Papel Picado color

Tinta Papel picado Suvinil: Preço da Cor RGB Fosco e Acetinado 18L

shredded paper

Code copied




RGB opia


This shading needs a background color.

What's going on here?

Did you notice that some more serious shading often requires more covers?

In view of this, Suvinil promoted a Special Color Background that guarantees better inclusion of the chosen shading.

Using 1-2 base coats can cut the amount of wrap coats by up to half. That way, you save time and money!

The base for these exceptional tones is made from a pigmented base in the Suvinil SelfColor Tinting System, bringing a light and opaque shading.

For more information:  Papel Picado | Suvinyl

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