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How to remove scratches from polished, satin, matte, enameled, black, white and beige porcelain tiles

Limpeza de ladrilhos (porcelanato)

After all, is there a product to remove scratches from porcelain tiles or is it all just invention?

After construction, you can leave scratches from the mason's rough hands on the porcelain tile or find a way to remedy them. You should definitely read the tips below if you need help deciding how to remove scratches from ceramics or tiles!

I'm not Joe from Grout, but I'm going to share a useful trick to remove scratches from black and white tiles. So I encourage readers to take a look at the notes below for more details.

Sapolio soap is used by professional construction site cleaners to remove scratches from tile and polished surfaces. However, this product is not recommended for removing deeper scratches on tiles.

In fact, small scratches can be removed from the surface by applying sapolio soap or 1000-grit water sandpaper.

For this, read the instructions for use of the product and always apply Sapolio using safety equipment (PPE) to avoid problems!

There's no secret, apply the product on the risks of porcelain or tiles, wait a few minutes and clean the place.

Is there a way to take the risk of homemade porcelain tiles using natural products?

I've seen videos of people using different products. There are even those who say that toothpaste removes the risk of porcelain tiles, however, there is nothing natural about toothpaste since it contains flowers in its chemistry. So, there's nothing natural toothpaste, right?

Now, if you really want to know how to remove scratches from polished or enamelled porcelain tiles with unnatural products, see below some product suggestions:

  • 1000 grit sandpaper and water;
  • Car polishing paste and cloth;
  • Sapolio soap and sponge;
  • Toothpaste;
  • Easy clean and sponge.

In addition to these products above, what removes the risk of porcelain tiles naturally?

Do you care how to remove metal scratch on porcelain floor naturally? So, in this case, just using 1000 grit water sandpaper, as it is the only way to remove scratches without using chemicals.

But attention! Never forget to use safety and protection equipment (PPE).

  • Protection mask;
  • rubber glove;
  • Protective goggles;
  • Others...

So far, that's all.

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