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How much does it cost to paint an apartment of 100 square meters

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If you are thinking about the amount you will spend to paint a 100m2 apartment in a residential condominium? Then, you've come to the right place!

In this article today, I talk about real estate painting, above all, what you will learn:

  • - The normal expense of painting your flat. in your condo;
  • - The most effective method to save money when painting your property;
  • - The amount normally spent to recruit an expert versus doing it yourself without anyone's help;
  • - The estimated cost of labor and supplies to paint a loft.

Plus substantially other details more!

In this way, assuming that you need to find out how much you should anticipate in expenses to paint your apartment, then, at that point, continue reading this post to know exactly what expenses you will have and what is the best solution for each of your doubts, check our tips and knowledge below!

Is it correct to say that you are considering the amount you will spend to paint a lonely room or all things being equal?

See the painting tips and accessories below:

In another opportunity I will talk >> How much does it cost to paint a room?

# What's in this article?

  • - How much does it cost to paint an apartment?
  • - What is the DIY cost to paint per square meter?
  • - How can you save money when painting a single room?
  • - Latest thoughts on apartment interior painting costs
  • - How much does it cost to paint an apartment?

Different painting tasks can differ considerably in costs, in any case your costs will boil down to the size (area per m2), complexity and preparation required to carry out the painting job, such as painting your condo apartment.

So I'm going to reveal a portion of the costs you can inflict on yourself by putting a fresh coat of paint in your apartment, depending on these key elements.

Likewise, I'll separate out the expense contrasts between condo and do-it-yourself painting and hiring a worker who specializes in real estate painting to do the menial work.

Well then! Generally, the normal cost of painting the apartment if you do it yourself is cheaper in terms of labor - or maybe more expensive if you don't know how to paint! Everything will depend on you and your effort.

On the off chance that you have some painting experience and are not looking for a painter, then in this project you will likely find that DIY is a lot cheaper than hiring an expert painter for your work.

However, all things considered, there are still some painting costs that you will have to prepare for, as you will likely have to buy paints and painting supplies that you wouldn't actually need if you had hired a painting company or painter to do it. your project.

For example, in addition to the actual expense of painting, you will need things like disposable tissues, paintbrushes or paint rollers, masking tape, paint tray and PPE tools to maintain your well-being while painting like a respirator, goggles and gloves. .

This will be very significant assuming you are a renter and need to ensure you are not harming your apartment during the paint cycle.

Try not to hold back on things like masking tape and loose fabrics, as they can eventually save you a ton of headaches by keeping paint off different surfaces in your loft.

In any case, on the off chance that you end up having a few of these convenient tools, your absolute expense will go down radically.

In that case, your costs will mostly come down to the gallons of paint and prep coat you'll have to finish the painting however you prefer.

Below, I'll take a look at an organized summary of the typical expenses for the painting supplies you'll need, so you can get an idea of ​​how much your painting might cost, they are:

  • - Kraft Paper - BRL 10.00
  • - Masking tape - R$ 7.00
  • - Paint roller BRL 27.00
  • - Paint tray R$ 15.00
  • - Paint brush R$ 12.00
  • - 1/4 brushes (for detailing) R$ 9.00
  • - Painter masks - R$ 20.00
  • - Painting gloves - BRL 8.00
  • - Goggles - $19.00
  • - 1 gallon of Coral white matte paint 18L R$ 219.00
  • - 1 Pasta 6kg - R$ 29.00
  • - 1 gallon of primer - BRL 36.00
  • - 05 180 grit sandpaper R$ 20.00
  • - 03 Packs of plaster 1kg R$ 6.00
  • - 01 Dish sponge R$ 2.50
  • - 01 Fabric cloth 6m2 R$ 30.00

However, these materials are certainly a comprehensive recommendation, as they only serve to give you a very smart idea of ​​what you will have to finish the DIY paint job.

And, remember that depending on the size of your apartment or property, you will need more than a single gallon of your paint, so choose the 18L to finish your painting project.

For example, most 18 liter paint bottles, depending on location, and number of coats, do in the 250 to 400 square meter range (this is always listed on the paint can you would be able to choose) along these lines, In light of the normal loft size of around 100m2 square meters, you will likely need 2-4 3.6L gallons or 1 18L can total.

All things considered, the assessed absolute expense of painting supplies to paint your apartment (loft):

R$ 600 - R$ 800

This range depends on understanding that you need to purchase all of the above painting supplies and 2-4 gallons of self-priming paint. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you anticipate the prep as well, this will add around $600 or more to the absolute expense.

Your last expense will depend on the size of your apartment and some other errand costs you may have.

For example, your painting expenses can change radically if you choose to use a premium paint type or need different shades of paint for things like partition and trim painting, so keep that in mind when designing a paint job, as the value for your venture may be higher than expected.

The heartening news is that even with the prep work and supplies, painting your apartment yourself is still probably more affordable than hiring an expert painter, regardless of whether you buy the best paint.

Also, the overhead costs of painting a condo apartment couldn't be compared with the costs of painting a house.

So when you buy the paint some stores will give you the lead time so the task costs for each future venture will be less!

Painting is one of several home improvement skills that are genuinely simple to learn (however, the moment of truth has come) and can save you a ton of money in the long run, provided you can get the hang of painting.

Otherwise, it can be a big loss, waste of time, money and unnecessary materials.

So, if you're not sure you're ready to get your hands dirty or painted, the best option is to hire a professional painter to paint your apartment.

For today, that's all!

Until the next article...

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