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Brazil Movement for a Better Painter (MBPM)

Yaê, Zé painter! What are you doing sitting in that bucket of paint that still hasn't joined the movement that is making a difference in Brazil?

If you haven't heard of the movement... 

The  Brazil Movement for a Better Painter  came to make a difference, add value to professionals in this category. 

The (MBPM) is not limited to a single monotonous thought, but the collective and social relations, of recurrent interactions between people who speak the same language of colors and defend the same ideologies.

The  Movimento Brasil por um Pintor Melhor  can be defined as a collection of several painters who share certain characteristics, interact with each other, accept rights and obligations as members and arms of the group and share a common identity — MBPM.

The Movimento Brasil por um Pintor Melhor is an initiative of professional painters, who, united through social networks, decided to create an action that promoted the Valorization and Professionalization of Brazilian Painters.

What are you waiting for Zé Painter? Come be part of Brazil Movement for a Better Painter today!

For more information, access the website  or check out the latest updates about the movement on Facebook:

Frascisco Gomes Teixeira
Whatsapp:  +55 (85) 98807-1392.
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